Georgie is an ever-growing outfit of artists from Rochester, NY, centered around mindful, calm songwriting on banjo and other interesting instrumentation. Their latest EP, Intimacy Hangover, came out Friday, August 4th, including interaction of cello and guitar underneath sensitive and perky vocal tunes. The band released a one minute trailer to the upcoming EP just three days before the release to get their fans more anticipated for what they are about to hear. You can see, hear, and feel the passion of the band’s music within the video as they are all jamming and blissing out in the living room of a house playing one of the songs from the project with joyful smiles. 

The project starts out with the opening track “Alaska” that’s only a minute long and it starts out with smooth banjo that makes you feel like you’re floating. If you didn’t think you were already light enough, the vocals that hit just around the 15 second mark are so angelic that you feel like you’re weightless, up in the clouds. The second track, “Porch Talk,” gives off the same appeal as the banjo playing is very smooth and it fits the lead vocals perfectly. Along with the cello and guitar in the background, Georgie nails a perfect blend that grabs attention with their chill, laid back vibes. If you were to hear this live you’d be feeling so many great emotions at once that you wouldn’t know what to do besides vibe and smile, which is certainly the picture the band wants to paint. 

One of my favorite elements of the project is how in each song, the band starts to play a little slower as the whole pace of the song starts getting quieter midway through. It makes you think the song is over, until the guitar or the banjo come right back into play along with the vocals; it truly keeps you vibing. As I mentioned earlier, the band wants their fans to want more, and using that technique makes the listener say, “I don’t want this to end yet.” Then, the band responds with an instrumental “don’t worry,” and before you know it, the feel is set right back into place. Between track two and three, the band did a combination of putting one song into the next. They “Porch Talk” with some natural sounds and “The Ground” starts with those same exact nature sounds…. These little moments bridge the songs together and helps the album’s songs blend perfectly into each other, a really fascinating technique. 

The outro track, “Angus,” is the perfect send off for this project. The band picks up the pace a little bit in this song as the playing of instruments is a little bit faster, but the lead vocals have about the same steady pace as the rest of the EP. The blend/mix of the instruments and lead vocals is immaculate, as nothing is louder than the other and nothing is quieter than the other. You can hear/feel the emotion within these tracks which is why the connection becomes so exponential – Georgie doesn’t want you to feel alone as you go through this circle of life. In other words, if nobody is there to help you or pick you up when you’re feeling down, Georgie will always be there for you. 

You can find this project on Bandcamp (below), Spotify, and Apple Music as it was released back on August 4th. If 22 minutes and 35 seconds of beautiful, soothing, vibey music sounds like your go to, then you are going to love this project by Georgie.