Garrett Klahn hasn’t lived in Buffalo in nearly 20 years.

“I just moved back at the end of the summer.” Klahn says. “My mother is here, so for the past 20 years I’d come home for at least two holidays every year, and for weddings, babies all that normal shit. So I was here a lot.”

Klahn is best known for his involvement in a little band from New York City, Texas is the Reason, as well as a multitude of other projects. Klahn is now back in his native city of Buffalo calling the Elmwood Village and Allentown neighborhoods home, which do not resemble the humble districts they once were in his younger days.

“The changes are black and white really.” He says of the now bustling Elmwood Village neighborhood. “I left in ’93, and then you didn’t really venture much past Lafayette.”

So what brings Klahn back to the “All America City?” After all, why would one leave the Big Apple, other than for the obvious reasons; overcrowding, overpriced apartments, and violent street theater?

“20 years anywhere is long enough. I would imagine after 20 years on a beach somewhere, you’d be like ‘okay I can try something else now.’ I did my time down there and now I’m here,” he explains, adding “I hate to narrow it down to the dollar, but fuck man, you take New York City rent just that out of the equation, and my life changed immediately. It’s pretty unbelievable. Why didn’t I do this 10 years ago? It’s good to be back for that and a slew of other reasons.”

Klahn’s new solo project  brings the Queen City native back to basics, vastly different than some of the outfits he has been associated with in the past. The project involves fellow Buffalonians, Joseph Orlando (Mammoth Studios), Sean Kader (JOHNS),  and Joseph Fomar.

“I had the intention of recording the record here.” Klahn says on the project “This is the third try at this record. I have tried it with three different sets of people, three other studios, in three other states, but this time it really fell into place really naturally and really organically the second I moved back here.”

Klahn’s first release will be a 7″ single for the song “I Don’t Care At All,” which will be officially released on November 18th. The single will be limited to 500 copies. Klahn looks to release another single in January before the full length, Motion for Action, drops sometime in mid March.

“It’s amazing to me that’s how it worked out,” he says of the recording sessions. “I never would have dreamed that I would end up making my solo record here. It’s the best shit I have ever done. It’s the most productive and fruitful sessions that I have ever been a part of.”