Hip-hop has been a platform for social commentary for the entirety of it’s existence. From Kurtis Blow through Ab-Soul, uncovering society’s hidden truths has remained a theme in rap everywhere. On “God Loves, Man Kills,” Buffalo’s Frigid Giant takes on the calculated glorification of drug trafficking, and that which relates to it. “They promote rappers to glorify the crack rock,” he says as the video depicts deaths and paraphernalia associated with drug use. It’s heavy, eye-opening stuff from the Polar Nation Originals emcee, and it needs to be discussed more.

The track features some great cuts and chops from DJ Blacklisted and a menacing beat from the hands of Fresh Kils. “God Loves, Man Kills” comes off of Giant’s full-length project From My Cold Dead Hands. Give it a watch and listen below.