London pop-punkers Fresh are here with the ebullient pop-punk of “Merch Girl.” The title-track of their upcoming EP due out April 19th, 2024, “Merch Girl” pairs fun, punky vocals with buzzsaw guitars and an overall upbeat vibe, drawing comparisons to Tigers Jaw, Candy Hearts, and Lemuria. The song is meant to be a beacon of empowerment for female artists – here’s a little more about that from Fresh themselves:

“Merch girl is about living in that space between wanting something and achieving something. It’s kind of a character song, about somebody that is involved in music – but not in the way that they want to be, and they’re frustrated by that. At the beginning of the song, they’re watching from the sidelines, but as the song progresses they make the decision to create their own art. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, drawing from clichés of the wallflower, the sidekick, but ultimately it’s empowering and a reflection on the ways that we come into our own as women artists.”

Be sure to add “Merch Girl” to your favorite Spotify playlist.