Swansea, UK based three piece French Alps Tiger brings not only a dandy of a single with “Heavy,” but also an EP collection of their singles entitled Switch Off All the Time. In their own words:

“[Switch Off]’ is described as “Tapping into guileless, primal feels that we didn’t know were there, we’ve cut the shit and smashed out the sounds and words that best plunge us into that childlike wonder, fitting for an inceptive release, to catch you up on what a fuckup we’ve made of our lives so far.”

Releasing a sort of “greatest hits” for such a young band is a ballsy move and certainly worthy of a listen. If you only listened to “Heavy” you’d only be getting part of the picture; this subdued, dirge-y indie gem certainly shines on its own but as part of a whole it stands out as a strong shoegaze-laced endcap to an otherwise energetic garage-rock-forward offering.

Come for the freneticism of “Lost Boys” (track five) and certainly stay for the rest of this post punk offering – and certainly don’t forget “Heavy.” Fans of the post-punk/garage rock revival heralded stateside by such luminaries as The Von Bondies or Hot Hot Heat or the more recent antics of FIDLAR would find a lot to enjoy here while still being able to enjoy something fresh and new.

You can hear more of French Alps Tiger on Soundcloud, Apple Music, or Spotify. Please let us know if you’d like to hear more from French Alps or something similar!