Simplicity is one of the characteristics that turned Piñata (AKA Cocaine Piñata) into one of the consensus, best rap releases of the year. Freddie Gibbs’ raps were simple, hard gangsta talk. Madlib’s beats were usually no more than a simple, buttery loop on repeat. One element was destructive, and the other beautiful. The contrast of the two formed an album that was easy to appreciate.

“Harold’s,” the latest song to get the music video treatment, is simply an ode to the chicken place Gibbs refuels at when he’s taking a break from the hood life. “A plate of chicken with the bread stuck to the bottom/Fuck my enemies what you looking for bitch I got ’em.” The video continues the straight-up theme of everything Gibbs’ does. It’s at a Harold’s, and Gibbs raps. We see the Kanye’s and the Kendrick’s, where every lyrics means something deeper. We see the Drake’s where a lot of emotion goes each word, even someone like Danny Brown has contemplations about his lifestyle. Gibbs is the rare breed, cold-blooded with no regrets. A straight-up gangster that likes his fried chicken.