Continuing the theme of spooky music videos around Halloween time is producer Flying Lotus. A single off of the super-critically acclaimed (and appropriately titled) Your Dead!, “Ready Err Not” is minimal-sounding, excellently produced song that I didn’t know was scary until this video. Straight out of the twisted mind of David Firth, the animator behind “Salad Fingers,”  “Ready Err Not” is a demented animation that looks into the lives of some deformed cannibalistic sub-humans. I’ve shown 5 people this video and every single one of them (dat sample size) voiced their uncomfortableness. It’s also an unconventional type of NSFW so if you don’t want to be looked at as the office weirdo I’d stay away for now. It’s artistic, intentionally off-putting, and allows you to re-imagine the song in a way that I know I didn’t see at first.

Watch it below, and remember it’s NSFW.