Fieldrush is a San Diego-based trifecta who show that they understand how to craft a solid emo/alt-rock track in this year of our Lord 2023 with their latest track “Motorcycle.” This single brings something that sounds both familiar yet fresh; something about this three piece just feels right. Twinkly, tappy guitars, shuffling drums, and nimble basslines lay perfectly beneath their band-in-a-room vocals.

The lyrics, specifically “Good friends move far away//Do you feel like they did now?” earnestly-delivered definitely awaken some feelings from earlier in life when I was the friend moving away (don’t worry, it happens when you get out of college too). Lead man Trevor Johnson brings some melodic guitar interwoven throughout that is reminiscent of bands such as Tiny Moving Parts, Modern Baseball, and Cloud Nothings, but forges ahead with his own identity without being beholden to forebears.

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