Rochester’s alt-country rockers, Faux Leather Jacket, released a music video late last week for “Only I Can Break My Heart,” the shining track on their debut EP, Sorry, Bud. In collaboration with Rocco Hagan, who shot and edited the video, it features a dreamlike montage of friends goofing off, dudes playing with hatchets, and, as many of us can relate to, a man on a mission to make things as hard as possible for himself.

With a wisdom of the ages, this youthful group highlights the song’s title through the pointed words of a repeating chorus: “Don’t go feeling guilty/ Don’t even start/ It’s like I’ve told you once/ Only I can break my heart.” It only seems right, then, that the video’s protagonist (songwriter, lead vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Courneen) might be likened to something of Sisyphus, as he makes a hellish journey across town hauling a burlap sack of what appears to be stones.

It’s a song that tells you there’s hardly a place you can go that isn’t manufactured by your own judgments, and the world you’ve in turn created around you. Through the relaxed strums of a pensive Stratocaster, and with upbeat backing harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys, the video looks back with hopeful nostalgia, while making light of all the mistakes we realize we’ve only just made.

Don’t let hindsight be 20-20, check it out below.