Atlanta based False Corners is the culmination of mutual love and admiration, their debut EP Shoobie shows that in each cut. The group is centered on the duo of songwriter Jack Shaw and artist-producer Damon Moon, then each of their songs features a different guest singer. The first single of the project has just released – it is the stunningly beautiful “Where Is My Blood” that features Emily Backus’ mellifluous singing which pierces the heart with radiant clarity. The songcraft on the new song is apparent and Backus’ dynamic vocal performance highlights the songwriting gift that Shaw has. The song opens with an arresting couplet from Backus with only acoustic backing, reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel, then lets Backus’s voice soar like a lark’s song. After the opening grips you, the verse’s sound thickens by bringing in organ, bass, and a backbeat drum rhythm. Then, Shaw seamlessly drops into the refrain where everything blends with the addition of overdriven guitar lines to create a lush lovable hook. Fans of Kevin Morby, Big Thief, Andy Shauf, and Lucinda Williams will find lots to love on this one. Here is Shaw and Moon talking about the new project and how their mutual admiration and love of their friends is what brought this project to life:

“I’ve always loved that Brill Building format of writing songs for other artists to sing,” says Shaw. “Collaborating with Damon has allowed me to explore that format more than ever. He’s been my George Martin and Wrecking Crew rolled into one.”

“Jack is such a good friend of mine, and he writes these really great songs that have always just hit me,” says Moon. “Working with him to bring these songs to life is always a fun process of finishing each other’s sentences, both musically and literally.”

Listen to the new single “Where Is My Blood (feat. Emily Backus)” by False Corners on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music