“What I’m On About” is the latest from Faded Shades, a rockin’ trio based out of southern London. It was written about a debaucherous night in Amsterdam, specifically a “recollection of the frayed edges between tripping and reality” (gee, I hope they’re more careful; you might fall).

This track is filled to the brim with energetic guitars and bombastic vocals; you can tell these guys punch way above their weight when it comes to sound. I of course mean this in a good way, like they know they belong in a stadium but will still rock you the fuck out with the same intensity at medium venue on a Friday night. It’s really easy to make the comparison to fellow countrymen Rolling Stones (or Oasis), or a rollicking act like Catfish and the Bottlemen, but these are shallow comparisons and don’t capture the whole picture.

Give “What I’m on About” a listen down below or from Spotify or Soundcloud. If you enjoy what you hear give some of their other tracks a listen too.