“Cig” is the newest from Extra Space, a band we’ve covered previously here, and we’re pretty happy with it at the blog. Can’t say I agree with the order – releasing “Cig” after “Toothpaste” (one would think you’d want toothpaste after a cigarette, but that’s just me). but “Cig” sees Joey Puleio and Chris Kyle keeping it mellow and measured with a little less of the folksy twang heard on “Toothpaste.” The drums and guitar are tightly wound but stay at a simmer with some funky time signatures to give the vocals room to breathe. Color me impressed with the perfect balance between simplicity and technical skill; the layering and mastering is impeccably done and after a few listens I’ve heard a new sound each time.

Fans of Big Thief, Kurt Vile, or Real Estate would find a lot to enjoy here. You can hear “Cig” over on Spotify or down below from their Soundcloud page embed. Be on the lookout for more singles and their forthcoming album Green Season.