Austin based Julián Berdegué, the brains behind EVNTYD (‘eventide’) brings us their latest with “Sunday.” Written about a walk home on Sunday morning after a weekend bender and the (strangely) uplifting sadness that comes with it, Berdegué hits hard with this guitar-forward banger-and-a-half and doesn’t let up. Using the spare time brought on by the pandemic, Berdegué, having already been a proficient in guitar, taught himself bass, drums, and piano for his previous self-titled album. This dedication to craft carried over to the Watershed EP, upon which “Sunday” resides.

The enmeshed shoegaze sound is a fun, ever-evolving genre that started oh-so-long ago with your Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentines, but is carried on and honed by bands like EVNTYD (and their contemporaries DIIV and Alvvays). It’s not a “you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all” scenario; you’ll always find a new riff or sound you didn’t hear before and that’s why it will never die.

You can hear “Sunday” down below and on Spotify or Souncloud.