EVA BROOKS aims to dominate dark-pop (and succeeds!) on latest single, “DONE.” A groovy, dancy song with plenty of sassy, menacing energy, “DONE” has a sophisticated energy with none of the typical pretentiousness associated – intriguing, as Eva herself is a classically-trained musician. Pulsing synth bass and stabs of disco guitar help to flavor this track, but the ultimate appeal here comes from Eva’s vocals and kiss-off lyrics. Here’s a bit about the song from Eva herself.

“‘DONE’ is a fun and dancy song about a woman who could finally say ‘goodbye’ to a narcissist idiot who dominated her life for too long. If you listen closely, you can hear his dreadful motorcycle and her praying for him to leave. But there is also the powerful groove that lets her get up and send him on his way. ‘Goodbye, I’m done with you!'”

Check out “DONE” below via YouTube or stream it via Spotify.