Jacksonville’s alternative rockers Divorce Culture have just released the incendiary new lead single for their upcoming EP. Their new alt-rock cut “FM” features lead guitar that scorches as it cleaves through the melodious track, reminiscent of the wicked riffs from Dinosaur Jr. That lead guitar wails on top of a bed of rock solid mids and lows created by rhythm, bass and drum all working together to create a cavernous thunder melody that fills your chest while lead guitar crackles and arcs above it. Their lead vocals hold a satisfying weight, each lyric plotted and delivered with mellow menace that expands with harmonized goodness during the chorus. Divorce Culture show strong songcraft chops throughout the whole track, verses link seamlessly into catchy, impactful choruses that you want to hear over and over, each building to a breakdown that opens into deeply rewarding final chorus.

Listen to the new single “FM” from Divorce Culture on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music.