Many of my DJ friends are probably much more well versed with Canada-based DiRTY RADiO. I could try to bullshit my way through knowing everything about turntables and mixes, but I admittedly have only basic novice knowledge… However, I can confidently say that musically, DR absolutely knows what he’s doing. From what I listened to, the mixing between vocals and beats are top notch club fare, and will certainly get your bodies moving as intended.

“Jet Fuel” is one of those fire tracks that is exactly as advertised: a masterfully produced electronica song that begs you to let loose on the dance floor and try not to clench your teeth (ifkyk). If you’ve ever been to a party (or after party) north of the border, you’d expect a song like “Jet Fuel” to be bumping through the speakers.

Find more of DiRTY RADiO over on Spotify or his artist page.

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