I could go on and on about the new single “On & On,” recently released by New Jersey-born, New York-based band, Dirt Buyer. The palm-muted intro to this song had me moving before any vocals had even kicked in. The chugging, grungy, alt-rock guitars carry through the entire song and were actually written just days before “On & On” was recorded… Even crazier, the lyrics were written right before vocalist Joe Sutkowski had to sing them. The song was co-written and produced with Ruben Radlauer (Model/Actriz) and Jeff Berrall (Caveman.) Fans of rocking-but-accessible bands like Manchester Orchestra, early Kings of Leon, or My Morning Jacket will dig this one for sure.

Sutkowski has entered a self-proclaimed “new era of Dirt Buyer” and part of this new era was dying his hair a vibrant shade of red which he feels adds to his electrifying live performances. “On & On” isn’t just full of sick guitar riffs. Its relatable lyrics and fun-falsetto hooks to sing along with in the car will have you coming back again & again.

“On & On” is out now on Bayonet Records. You can find “On & On” on Spotify and Bandcamp. Check out the YouTube embed below.