Darlington, UK house duo Digit n Kemp offer a trio of groove-laden house cuts on their latest Defused EP, the inaugural release for Buffalo based electronic label Dance & Rave. Ranging sonically from tech house to acid and more straightforward techno, the set of tracks provides near peak time jams with hefty percussion and vivid textures.

The title track combines a fluid bass line with buoyant synth sounds, percussive vocal sampling that makes way for a hyper tense breakdown and buildup which allows the deep groove to burgeon. “Fallen Acid” again brings a deep atmosphere with an eccentric acid line and punchy drums, while “Ibiza70s” builds from a hypnotic synth groove and features a prominent vocal sample addressing history of the island of reference in the track’s title.

Digit n Kemp are well versed in the types of immersive sounds and arrangement styles that make for dance floor weapons, their debut effort for Dance & Rave is a promising start for the new producers who have begun to gain momentum in their native UK scene. Listen below.