Buffalo hip hop artist and Black Sol member Dean Chatham seemed polished from the get-go. A few months back, he dropped the Dean’s List EP, an impressive debut project about decision-making and behavior as a dude in a coming-of-age situation at college, featuring contemplative, explorative tracks like “Year II” and “Do the Right Thing,”

Chatham brought the smooth jazz-influence to his latest single “Walk On, Bye,” but switched over to another mature theme for his lyrics: a somewhat toxic relationship. Chatham poetically describes the ups and downs of a relationship in which the passion is adherent to the instability of it all. Lurking underneath all the give and take, fights and reconciles, and heated arguments is the understanding that the end-game will work out, something Chatham conveys distinctly on lines like”Write me off nine times? There’ll always be a sequel.”

“Walk On, Bye” is an impressive new direction for the burgeoning Buffalo rapper. Chatham believes imagery and poeticism are his new focus in his music, and we can’t wait to hear more.