Brooklyn-based shoegaze collective Dead Leaf Echo are no strangers to the proverbial spotlight – they’ve been featured on KEXP and have consistently topped the CMJ top 20 indie tracks throughout their career. We’ve found ourselves captivated by the absolute wall-of-sound approach on their latest moody offering, “Milk.Blue.Kisses (Foil In Motion).” Inspired by gothy 80s legends like Depeche Mode as well as legendary shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine, DLE manage to jam their songs full of their influence’s footprints while simultaneously trailblazing a sound of their own. Expect an impassioned vocal delivery; guitars dripping with wet chorus textures; and stadium-sized drum tones.

“Milk.Blue.Kisses” is available on Soundcloud (below), but we also encourage you to support their work via Bandcamp.