New York based duo Dawn Park started off, as told on the band’s Instagram “origin story”, something like this:

*video of rough version of melody*
“basically just making real estate loops”
“I love it”
“Yeah yeah. Loop deez”
“colin i’d be down to record this tn if you are”
“for sure”

That night, Colin Reilly and Zach Aumueller pounded out what would become “What It Was.” A healthy combination of bass, electric drums and that the aforementioned underlying melody, you can hear the influences going from Real Estate or Alex G with some Strokes thrown in. The vocals are uplifting and poppy, which provides a nice juxtaposition to the neurotic instrumental, and avoids the pitfall of being just another post-post-punk wannabe with access to recording equipment. This jives well overarching narrative behind Dawn Park, “to embody the feeling that you can always find something beautiful or funny worth experiencing in the simplest of places.”

You can listen to their track over on Bandcamp as well as purchase it for $1.00; less than a can of Arizona Iced Tea (now $1.39, believe it or not). They can also be heard over on Spotify and a variety of other places.

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