Dani Mack unexpectedly calms it down on this gently-strummed, folksy tune she’s calling “Light On The Corner.” Converse to the crunchy guitars found on her previous single, “Fleabag,” “Corner” is a heartfelt and intimate approach that shows off Dani’s more sentimental side. Dani uses this skeletal opportunity to explore the things we do to explore loneliness – she further explains below:

“‘When I hear the chord progression I’m instantly transported back to that insane time. I say insane because it was lonely but also because there was a sort of romance I felt during all of it. The lack of time, awareness, and need to be anywhere had a sort of freedom to it. It was dark and beautiful which is what I feel the song is. the song came about as I was going through an inner war with myself while also trying to carry on a casual relationship. There is a bit of anger there, more directed at me than anyone else. I think we all got to know ourselves more clearly because we were forced to slow down so much. I had nothing to do but look at my patterns, coping mechanisms, and how they affect others and myself.”

You can also find “Light on the Corner” on Spotify.