“God forgive me for the things I’ve done” – an omnirelatable sentiment from dani mack (aka Baylee Barrett). Anyone from a small town can relate to the sometimes oppressive nature of their upbringing, something Barrett deals with perfectly in this sassy kiss-off to the perils of dating. With crunchy, catchy guitars that bring to mind Soccer Mommy or Now, Now, this one will get your head bobbing while casually reminding you that we’ve all got judgment day to answer to someday… Maybe. About the song, Barrett says:

“’fleabag’ has layers to it”, explains Baylee Barrett. “In simplest terms, which most can relate to, it’s a nod to dating and how terrible it is. On a deeper level, it’s a song about my own sexual repression and my difficulties with casual relationships. I grew up a devout Christian and letting go of the guilt that was instilled in me from such a young age is still something I still struggle with. There’s still a little part of me that’s afraid that come judgment day, I’m not getting into those pearly gates because I had premarital sex with some guy from a dating app.”

You can also find “fleabag” on Spotify and Apple Music.