Rochester trio Damp Child create lush, contemplative tracks with a stream-of consciousness-style that places emphasis on texture and atmosphere above conventional structure. Their debut release, Artism, features reverb-laden vocals, abstract guitar tones, and a dream-like quality with at times unintelligible lyrics that add to its melancholic aura.

Opening track “Ironically Tumescent” is perhaps the record’s closest moment to resembling pop with its warm, infectious melody and resonant acoustic guitar strums. Other pieces like “Schizophrenia,” “Before I Die,” and “Underwater Dolphin Factory” present a post-rock style, as the band pensively and patiently unfurl their soulful, experimental sounds. “Inspector 11” blends glitchy, otherworldly percussive elements with celestial guitar lines and hypnotic vocals, making for one of Artism‘s more immersive moments.

Despite their free-form, sketch like nature, the songs on Damp Child’s debut are full of instances where captivating ideas come together in a way that’s equally disorienting and ruminant. Listen/download Artism below.