Following her ode to liberation “Wearing Nothing,” Dagny’s “I Love You Like That” possesses the universal pop appeal and structure of what should be a surefire smash hit.

“I Love You Like That” starts with a light instrumental touch and reserved vocals, which meets a series of handclaps and rising intensity until the chorus breaks the Norwegian songstress completely out of her shell. The repetition of the root words “I love you” serve to foreseeably mesmerize the listener enough to prompt some uncontrollable finger snapping, foot tapping and the like. The pulsing beat present thereafter propels the song to the status of being an even greater earworm; the same goes for the minimalized part two-thirds of the way in, which transitions back into the final chorus seamlessly.

In the vein of artists like Robyn or fellow Norway native Annie, Dagny shows her capability to rework the potential of ‘80s-sounding punches of synthesizer into something fresh—and undeniably catchy.