Mobb Deep’s Prodigy once said “I’m 19 but my mind is old.” After his vivid descriptions of his environment in the streets no one could doubt him. Philly’s D3X is also a young dude making waves for profound thought that trumps his modest age of 16. On his single “Paradise,” D3X leads off his first verse with the line “When did the world get so cold?” before he talks the crimes he’s seen people commit just to survive. The “Paradise” D3X describes in this track is this warped, inside-out world where vices get you far, and morality can leave you screwed. D3X himself references this in the chorus, saying he’s drowning. It’s a track with great depth, and shows a lot of promise for the young artist. “Paradise” is the first track off of D3X’s latest EP Distorted Visionz, you can check it out here. Press play below.