Cop Kid’s only explanation of their latest single “Useless” is this:

“How the Millennial Dream became the Millennial Nightmare.”

Cop Kid’s online presence is pretty effervescent (they describe themselves as a “Britney Spears Cover Band” which, to my knowledge, is tongue-and-cheek), but one listen to “Useless” and you’ll realize how seriously talented they are. As (mostly) useless millennials ourselves, Cop Kid drop lines like “I’m a punk but I wanna own a house someday” – something lots of us can surely relate to. It floats over a surprisingly upbeat backing track, layered thick with gauzy synths and blippy electronic drums, plus a unique combination of heartfelt lyrics about wanting more out of your life with a ever-present we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

Check out “Useless” below – you can also find it on Spotify.