The Cool Dad Records crew takes over Allen Street Hardware tonight for Herd Fest, uniting and presenting as the punny and well-played Rave Matthews Band.

Members of Cool Dad Records gather as a collective of friends, music fiends, and artists. Comprised by Eyes Everywhere (Brian Doyle and Kyle Tatum), Nick States, and Alex Morrison, each have curated and established his own sound through productions and sets. The crew has thrown parties and BBQs in off the grid spots and have helped further expose Buffalo by booking artists like Doug English, Ross Regs, ADMN, and Pearson Sound. If you didn’t go to the Cool Dad County Fair last month at Glow Gallery, you missed an outdoor patio party that was fueled by a crawfish boil, fresh squeezed juices and the enticing sounds of Detroit.

Tonight, the fellas will be bringing in special guest Colin Boardway, a Buffalo native who has been living in Chicago and soaking up the potent and historical house music culture. Down to earth and passionate about music, Colin is a friend, Cool Dad associate, and artist.

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, come party with your OTHER Dads. Bring your DMB puns.  CELEBRATE WE WILL, ya know. Life is short. But sweet – for certain.

Eyes Everywhere, Nick Fowler, Alex Morrison, and Bangin’ Chains will be rotating throughout the night, with hip-hop, disco, and reggae in the front room, or hit the back room for a blend of techno and house.

If you want to know a bit more about Colin, check out this interview I did with him for my broadcast show I used to host on Wax Museum Radio. Or if you want to skip the mumble jumble and get a taste of his sound, the mix starts around 17 minutes.

Alicia Greco presents Turn’d On with Colin Boardway by Waxmuseumradio on Mixcloud


Herd Fest
Tonight, Cool Dad Records presents Rave Matthews Band
Allen Street Hardware (245 Allen St.)
11pm – 3am
21+ | $5 (without Herd Fest bracelet)