Disney’s Maleficent recently hit theaters, but audiences were prepped months ahead of time thanks to the trailer, which features Lana Del Rey’s take on the traditionally sickly sweet “Once Upon a Dream.”

Lana is a bad B, so it’s no surprise that she takes the cheerful longings of a maiden fair and rips them apart into something no less than haunting. Her take is almost trance-like and invokes the effect of a spell Maleficent herself may be capable of casting.

The song definitely conveys Maleficent’s terrifyingly cool aura. It definitely ups Maleficent’s cool factor, an added plus for Disney, who now needs to go after children and their hip millennial parents.

Check out the original version of “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty, Del Ray’s version in the Maleficent trailer, and the full-length version below.

Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent Trailer