Club 8, a band we’ve covered extensively (“Sunny,” “Just Like Heaven,” and “Daylight“) brings us their latest with “Free Falling.” Based out of Sweden and apparently some of the coolest people in existence, Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård continue to release music at a steady clip. Angergård has been in multiple bands and have released everything from bossa nova to trip hop albums over the years (having been active since 1995).

“Free Falling” falls (pun intended) into the a nice little indie chill wave/dream pop niche a la Beach House; simmering throughout and lead very strongly with Komstedt’s vocals. Jangly guitars and wispy lyrics somehow feel haunting yet inviting -pulling you in with each passing stanza and wholly enveloping you in the mystique of Club 8 by the end.

You can hear “Free Falling” over on Spotify or down below courtesy of YouTube. If you haven’t heard them before, definitely give them a listen (we’ll forgive you for not reading every single blog we put out).