Swiss singer/songwriter Claudio Cipriani is hot off of the release of his latest offering, Meek (February 29, 2024). If the auspicious leap year release date wasn’t indication enough of this EP’s transcendent qualities, a full listen through Cipriani’s work will have you feeling lighthearted and free.

For the past three decades, Cipriani has been crafting music that can be described as enchanting and captivating, encapsulating the beauty and joy of life in a world that almost forces you to look past. His work is deeply inspired by the beauty of nature and showing kindness to others – the blend of instruments here embodies that mindset, with flashes of piano, violin, plunking basslines, and Cipriani’s breathy baritone delivery. Here’s Cipriani himself explaining the central thesis of Meek:

“‘Meek’ is an EP about the struggles of our lives in our present times trying to lift us above the mists of negativity to the suns of Optimism, in the search of the tiny little jewels that surround us everywhere if we just look a bit closer.

The introduction to Meek, “Forthlin Road,” seems like an archetypal Cipriani song. Waves of gently plinking piano and twinkly guitar leads wash through your eardrums and into your brain, in a way that makes you forget the ugliness of the world behind you. In the most complimentary way, the melodies, chord changes, and uplifting mood is reminiscent of a Disney (TM) song with the way it tells a heartwarming story. Cipriani, so far, is giving me Phil Collins/Tarzan vibes in a good way, and you know how that nostalgia pulls strongly in the hearts of us millennials.

Speaking of waves, lead single “Waves Come And Go” is one of the highlights here on Meek. We buffaBLOGGERs don’t typically jump at songs about technology (we prefer heart wrenching lyrics and real-world experiences lyrically), but in Cipriani’s case, we’ll make an exception. This one gets a pass for inspirational flair and its solid message – put your phone down and enjoy good old analog life every now and then. Cipriani switches it up here instrumentally too, introducing a squiggly synth into the bridge (reminiscent of a spiraling jellyfish or a bioluminescent mushroom colony) with some omni-relatable lyrics:

And I run, and I run from these new times
And I long, and I long for these old times

There are plenty of sunshine-lit moments on Meek best experienced for yourself. The lightly-Latin tinge and bouncing bass rhythm of “Bond of Light” might be the most exciting moment on the album, with its upbeat tempo and swelling chorus. The light and airy love song of “Mimosa Valentine” feels like the butterflies in your stomach on a first date. Album closer, “Life Is a Song” carries the “Mimosa Valentine” energy, evoking late ’70s/early ’80s yacht rock with its slow burning tempo, set off by imagery of sailing, fairies, and strong metaphorical imagery:

Life is a song I’d like to sing with you.
A playful glance in your precious eyes.
The fairy fabric caressing our soft skin
A tender breath deep from our souls

Let love, nature’s warmth, and overall happy feelings wash over you while you listen to Cipriani’s thirty years of songwriting experience. Meek (Spotify) was recorded by Luk Kipfer at Influx Studios in Berne, Switzerland. Cover photo by Sarah Maurer.