Brooklyn/Oslo based artist Charles Griffin Gibson, AKA CHUCK, had his final full length released in 2017 with Frankenstein Song for the Grocery Store, but Gibson’s catalog of unreleased songs started to tug on his creative spirit (check our previous features on him HERE and HERE). Gibson is putting back on the mantle of the cult favorite CHUCK, and bringing us new music to drop out and fade in to. The simultaneously breezy and acrid “Nothing Matters To Me Now” is the first jam Gibson chose to start this new slew of releases. “Nothing Matters To Me Now” blends classic pop hooks, irreverent 90’s guitar lines and lyricism, New Wave synths, and creates a crushing wall of blissed out sounds reminiscent of shogaze and emo. The chorus boils over with pop energy as retro synths ring out with the lushness of kazoos giving the whole track a haze of nostalgia and longing. Fans of Jonathan Richman, Atom and His Package, The Get Up Kids, Daniel Johnston and Wavves will find lots to love with CHUCK’s latest.

Listen to “Nothing Matters To Me Now” on Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and find more from CHUCK on his Instagram and Charles Griffin Gibson on his website.