Brooklyn-based artist Chris Cubeta has released the powerful and rhythmic indie-rock song “Architect,” the latest single from his forthcoming new album APOE, which is due out April 7th, 2023. The upcoming album’s creation springs from a personal reckoning brought on by Cubeta’s mother’s recent tragic Alzheimer’s diagnosis at the age of 57. Cubeta harnesses his tragedy and employs a form of songwriting he finds most fulfilling by creating rhythms with drum, synth and guitar and then reacting viscerally to his own sonic creations while layering more sounds on top. “Architect” has a soundscape that builds beat by beat until kaleidoscopic layers of sounds are filling your ears while Cubeta’s anthemic vocals carry you to emotional heights.  Fans of Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, or John Frusciante will finds lots to love on this track.

Listen to new song “Architect” from Chris Cubeta now on Spotify. Find more from Chris on his Instagram and website.