Buffalo rapper Chill Ali is an artist whose sound is a perfect representation of his name. His songs are expected to feature smooth flows and an overall calm and relaxing vibe. On “Misguided,” Ali’s effortless presence on the mic makes the song a nice head-bobber, but the heavier lyrics take this track to the next level.

“Misguided” is Ali’s description for the youth that are forced to grow up without good parental figures, or parents at all. Their lives without guidance can lead to mischievous or even criminal behavior that could’ve all been avoided had they had someone in their life to point them in the right direction. When they’re left to fend for themselves, morality unfortunately can be thrown out the window. It’s a great message, and one that should always be remembered when you hear about young people acting up in the news. Ali is a good enough rapper to relay this message in a song that happens to be buttery-smooth as well as conscious.

Watch the vid below.