Norway’s nudisco sensation Cavego joins forces with Australian singer-songwriter Arielle in his latest single “Red Light.” The track features vibrant electropop sensibilities paired with the zest of disco. Arielle’s vocals pack a punch, surrounded by strident synths, energized electronic motifs, and a compelling bassline. “Red Light” flings us full-fledged into the summertime party season, and we couldn’t be more ready for it. The Bergen-based DJ (home to other big names like Kygo and Røyksopp) has already received some acclaim in Scandinavia, and is on his way to becoming a global force. Drawing inspiration from the height of 70’s disco, Cavego takes an electronic settling and cranks up the groove a few notches. “Red Light” is just a taste of what Cavego has to offer, therefore we highly recommend you check out his other releases to get the full picture.