“Burning To Death” is a dense, rich, rhythmic exploration of the inner self, and it marks the second single from promising Houston-based artist Cameron Sonnier‘s sophomore album Synchronicity.  Sonnier creates a reflective space with layers of textures that lay over one other, all following a rhythmic pulse that pushes its meditative beat into your subconscious. The new song’s use of guitar dynamics is irrestible – high-toned picked melodies shift into strummed percussive rhythms that create a hypnotic space that swirls into the song’s production. Thick synths buzz and burn creating an incendiary quality that seems to ignite the next slow burning tone as Sonnier’s singing echoes into the chasm of your mind, which is now unfurling in a blossoming shape due to Sonnier’s wizardry. Fans of Boards of Canada, Emeralds, Animal Collective, and Aphex Twin will find lots to love on this new track.

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