Rochester emos California Cousins are no stranger to buffaBLOG. We’ve been following them and theirs since the dissolution of Keeler last year. Luckily, Cali Cousins are still hanging around, blessing us with a new EP full of noodly emo jams that they’ve christened George’s Bridge. I’m sure you can all reminisce of a time where you and your high school friends jumped off an old derelict bridge or had a clandestine rendezvous by a graffiti-laden abandoned structure. California Cousins tug on your nostalgic heartstrings in that way (and boy am I a sucker for some good emo jams).

“Soft Earth” kicks off this EP with some twinkly guitar riffs reminiscent of Snowing, Del Paxton, or Tiny Moving Parts. Guitarist Christian Ortiz is a twinkle daddy for sure (it’s a Facebook group for twinkly guitar-riff lovers, so get your mind out of the gutter). Drummer Juan Ortiz skillfully weaves his rhythms in between  Christian Ortiz’s squiggly delivery. Moreover, Jordan Serrano really brings the lyrics to life, lamenting on his lack of sunburn from spending less and less time outdoors in summertime. Such is life fellas, but thank you for putting that into words.

California Cousins have jam packed this EP with blistering riffs and sharp changes in tempo and vibe. The EP’s shortest track, “Benedict Drive,” starts off swinging and pretty much  never stops. “Your Backyard,” on the other hand, starts off slow and builds its way up to something more similar to what you’d probably expect from the Cousins. I could go on and on, but it’s obvious these guys are all about the riffs.

After the death of Keeler, we buffaBLOGGERS are happy to see California Cousins keeping Rochester’s emo revival scene alive.