I like Rochester. It’s a nice place. There’s a bunch of bands from there that I really, really like. I’ve been to a lot of really good shows in and around Rochacha, a term I say with love. Being in Western New York, their food is good (once you get further east on the 90 it gets dodgier). So yeah, I’m a little stoked for the show this Saturday at the Bug Jar. One of the bands I’m keen to check out live is Rochester lo-fi garage rock duo Buffalo Sex Change. These guys, Clayton Eddy and Phil Pierce, are bringing it in from way out there with a skeevy, raw sound that’s ideal for petty crime like shoplifting meat by sticking it down your pants, sniffing glue, lewd conduct, driving recklessly, and spicing up an already stocked bill.

The pair will be batting second in our lineup Saturday night, following the Absolutes. Doors open at 8pm. Cover is $7.

“Spirit Guru” – Buffalo Sex Change from John Valenti on Vimeo.