Well, how about Mr. Boneless kicking off buffaBLOG’s 4th birthday party? No time to sit down, order a light beer and settle down; nope, they are going to get things started with a bang. Their music, thankfully, has much more depth than the bio offered on the band’s Facebook page: Elliot met Nate who met Joe whom all met Brian in the summer of 2010. Sure, Brian sounds like a lucky son of a bitch, but surely there is more to their story than what they are telling us. 

To find out more, check them out Saturday night at buffaBLOG’s party (and keep an eye out for a new Boneless album this summer). So far, they’ve filled a void left by Merchants’ semi-uncertain future, in that I listen to them and want to become more of a man. When Elliot sings, he uses every bit of throat that he’s got; picture, if you will, a dog getting a bone lodged in its throat and using every ounce of energy he’s got to dislodge it. That’s a pun within an analogy for you; my work here is done. 

Check them out Saturday at Duke’s. They’re batting leadoff and will go on right at 10:30. Tickets are $5.

– Joe Sperenza