Well, after four tedious years on blogger, we finally made the move over to wordpress. Good riddance to that awful site. Despite desperately needing a makeover, we didn’t want to drastically change the look of the site. Most people have become accustomed to the navigation and enjoyed the site’s simplistic style. Simple is good, so why mess with good. While we stayed simple, we did decide to sharpen the look, which included making a more functional tool bar for easier searching of new music, both local and national.

What did get a major face lift is our “calendar,” our favorite new feature to the site. Calendar may not be the right word exactly, more like a comprehensive list of events we feel should be on your radar. New events will be added daily so make sure to visit often. Once there, click an event and get all of the basic concert/show info: who, where, when, and cost.

Also, our weekly podcast series has relaunched. While we plan to debut a new episode of the buffaBLOG Podcast every Wednesday morning at 10am Eastern, our host Michael Moretti, formally of the WBNY Local Show, already has his first episode up for you to check out. Michael will be presenting the best new music out of the Buffalo and WNY Area on a weekly basis so  join him every Wednesday to listen along.

We truly hope that you enjoy the newly improved buffaBLOG. This site was a long time coming, too long even, but we are happy to have a fresh look. Thank you for your continued support.

P.S. If you can’t find an old post, just search here.