“2 CENTS” is the latest single from Rust, courtesy of San Francisco’s Buddy Junior. At the heart of “2 CENTS” is a brooding dirge-like cacophony of sound, bringing some shoegaze-y Toner and Swirlies vibes (while inexplicably channeling a bit of Coheed and Cambria) vibes. Sprinkled throughout are delightful (albeit soul-crushing) harmonies adding a fun bite to lyrics, which from what I could tell, detail a not-so-amicable breakup:

“If I had dollar for every good thing you said to me/I’d have no money because your talk is cheap.”

The juxtaposition between cheekily delivered lyrics and brooding melodies keeps this track interesting all the way through – you’ll probably want to go sit in a dark room afterwards while you remember someone not-so-fondly.

While it’s been a couple years since we last checked in with Buddy Junior, we enjoyed their previous efforts in ’21 and ’20 (you can find them here). In the meantime, give “2 Cents” a listen on Spotify and check out the rest of the album if you enjoy what you hear!