Fresh off an album release, Brother Cephus strum up some laid back indie rock with the video for their track “Toxic Slip.” Real life brothers Gabe and Seth Davis make up the duo, coming together in 2014 after years of touring the world and playing in different bands. They both share vocal and songwriting duties, but manage to present a consistent sound throughout. Brother Cephus’ latest EP Not That Important takes up an earthier sound than their previous work, drawing ties to old school rock and roll and homey Americana. “Toxic Slip” highlights this with a mellow tempo, harmonic guitar lines, and a glimpse or two at sludgy distortion.

The video, directed by Javi Fick, takes on the intimacy of a house show-turned-garden party, showcasing the band’s renowned live performance atmosphere, all from the comfort of your own home. In a striking side-by-side comparison, the brotherhood ethos of the duo is played up visually and the viewer is soon submerged in the scene as a firsthand audience member. Get the full experience below, and find Not That Important and more from Brother Cephus where all things are streamed.