Dallas’ Brody Price hit our inbox with the self-described “doom-country” vibes of his latest single, “Dying When I Met You.” Honestly, doom-country is a pretty apt description of Price’s iconic sound – a unique blend of sludged-out guitar tones and approachable folk song structures that’s just odd enough to catch your ear without losing its melody, composition, or charm. About his unique genre-bending style, Price explains:

“I’ve always felt like I inhabit the in-between places in life… In music, I’ve always been too country for the indie rock scene and too indie for the country scene. I’ve realized how comfortable I feel in that space now: in a strange Venn diagram where some of my biggest influences like John Prine, Sunn O))), Nirvana, and Gram Parsons all overlap.” 

Brody’s latest, Win A Trip To Palm Springs!, is comes out Niles City Records on October 28th. You can also find “Dying When I Met You” on Spotify and Apple Music.