It’s been a while since we last heard material from plucky Buffalo-rooted glam-rock act, Brimstone Blondes. When we last checked in, the band was a four-piece college-bound band still semi-based out of Buffalo, or at least all their instruments were still in a suburbs basement. Now in 2016, Brimstone Blondes are very much a Purchase band, embracing showmanship, keyboards,  makeup, and glitter.

The now five-piece released two songs this week “First Impressions Are Everything” and “Touchdown U.S.A” Recorded with $ell $ell $ell Studios in Manhattan, the A-Side single, “First Impressions Are Everything” is an introduction to lead singer Matthew Danger Lippman’s unique persona and his ability to burn bridges. If you are a fan of the band’s previous works, long gone are the simple garage-rock licks. The Blondes have evolved. Check out “First Impressions Are Everything” below.