Last month, we wrote about the Rochester recording studio, Brass Palace, and its ambitious “50 Bands 50 Weeks” project. At the time of writing, producer and engineer Chris Vandeviver had already released tracks from bands like Druse and Edge of Jupiter. For the latest installment in the ongoing project, Brass Palace premiered a song from SPEIRS, who you may remember us introducing you to earlier this year when the ethereal, female-fronted post-rock act from Rochester released its debut single, “Headwarm.”

For the five piece’s contribution to “50 Bands 50 Weeks,” the group recorded its newest offering, “Threshold,” a track full of swelling, guitar-driven ambiance a la Appleseed Cast or Now, Now.

Listen to “Threshold” below and follow the progress of Brass Palace’s “50 Bands 50 Weeks” compilation here.