“Tiger” is the lead track and second single from Texas based duo Born Twins‘ album Novelas Cortas (May 5). In it, bandmates Singer Mayberry and David Lujan have crafted a beautifully put together track that somehow ignores space and time. I think five minute songs are usually bloated, but this somehow ignores that gripe and I enjoyed it enough to add it to my regular rotation (not all bands get that distinguished honor).

The play between Mayberry’s subdued vocals and the resonating guitar effect are this track’s biggest strength. Listen for the subtle Wurlitzer bass synth interspersed through too. If Bob Ross were a musician, he would have made a clever little comment to the effect of “we’re just gonna add in this tiny synth line here… if you use it in the intro make sure you come back to it again, but only if you want to.”

Fans of Sharon Van Etten, Blonde Redhead, or Now Now (nee, Now Now Every Children) and their ilk will find enjoyment with the moody art rock of Born Twins. The improvisational sounding nature of their music finds a line between artsy and listenable without sounding too ostentatious.

You can find “Tiger” over on Bandcamp or Spotify, along with the rest of their catalogue. If you hail from the south you might be lucky enough to find them playing a show near you.