Montreal’s Bodywash is here with their first single since the pandemic cut their last tour short, which centered around debut full length Comforter (see our feature on single “Reverie” here). The dreamy rock single “Massif Central” shows off Chris Steward and Rosie Long Decter’s new sound that is both more heavyhearted and invigorating. Washes of shoegaze guitar set the listener in the uneasy storm of emotions that Bodywash want their listeners to consider, playing with moments that simultaneously evoke despair and the warmth of acceptance that can come once the cold shock of the initial despair wears away. Chris’s breathy vocals blend in the haze of guitar while driving kick drums propel the track with a vaulting energy that erupts into a break beat as the track reaches its climax. Fans of Broken Social Scene, My Bloody Valentine, and Elliot Smith will find lots to love on this new song.

Listen to “Massif Central” from Bodywash on their SoundCloud, BandCamp, or Spotify and catch more from them on their Instagram.