Here’s a nice, grungy one from UK-based act Blue Lupin. Chock full of perfectly washy guitar energy, “Surface of the Sun” brings to mind shoegaze-y acts like Pity Sex and Smashing Pumpkins while also channeling more dreamy acts like Japanese Breakfast or The Japanese House. With it’s open-book catharsis and forlorn vocal energy, “Sun” is equal parts dream-pop, shoegaze, and grunge – it’s sure to scratch all of your alt-rock itches, no matter which era you’re currently craving. About the song, singer Joanna Wolfe says:

“‘Surface of the Sun’ is a song about a toxic relationship and really testing the limits of what you can handle. Although it captures a painful period in my life, I find it really energizing and cathartic the way it came out.”

“Surface of the Sun” is also on Spotify.