Blondfire, based out of Michigan, brings us their latest synthpop gem with “Foolish.” Led by Erica Driscoll’s vocals, “Foolish” is a synth-heavy track with 80’s pop vibes that tickles your ears in just the right way. Blondfire was initially started with her brother, Bruce, until he left to focus on his act Freedom Fry. Unabashedly written about diving in completely to take a chance on love, even at the risk of being a fool, you can’t help but be wrapped up in the amalgamation of perfectly mixed sounds. Blondfire brings to mind one of my personal favorites, Dragon Inn 3 (that we wrote about here) mixed with a hint of Metric and Tame Impala.

I’m always hyped when artists embrace that deep synth vibe as masterfully as Blondfire does here, and you should be too! Be sure to check out Foolish on Spotify or down below from Soundcloud.