Nottingham’s Blondes are on a bit of a hot streak lately (ICYMI, here’s our writeup of their previous single, “The Basement”). The quartet strikes again with their warm and luscious take on dream-pop, this time in a song called “Beautiful World.” A bouncing bassline provides the root for twinkling guitar leads to spiral around your ears – it’s topped off with a beautifully-delivered vocal, airy and gentle, that seems to yearn for better times. The band further explains their perspective below:

“Beautiful World feels like our first proper pop song. It’s my favourite that we’ve written so far. It’s about our relationship with our environment and each other. We wrote it to speak not just for ourselves but to anyone that finds themselves looking around at our world and wondering just how we’ve become so disconnected from one another and the planet. We hope you like it.”

Fans of Turnover, Tigers Jaw, or Moose Blood will love this one – “Beautiful World” is available now on Soundcloud (below), Spotify, and Apple Music.